~Wedding & Engagement Photography~

Alex & Patty (...Maher) at your service!

About Our Service & Style

We do simple, we do complex, we do larger than life, we do intimate.  We do flashy, sensitive, purist and minimal.  We don't push your guests around making it happen, we capture the moment already there.  Unless you tell us to herd your guests for a shot you want, in which case we herd... but most gregariously!

We don't do gimmicks.  Mostly.  Except by request.  Alright we've done plenty of gimmicks but they're fun.

We make art.  We tell your story.

We work our butts off from beginning to end.  We don't limit our time.  Your photos will jump off the screen/page and be a time machine to your day forever.

And we're nice.  We're nice to your guests, nice to staff, nice to your family, and to you!

It's our privilege to capture your unique magic, and provide the very best service for your wedding day.

What You Get:

  • Two Primary Shooters (not shooter + assistant):  Ok we do assist each other on the fly (we've got our moves!).
  • Post Production (touch ups):  Each and every shot, perfectionist style.  In colour, black & white, even artsy, if you like.
  • Wizards of Light:  Natural Light, Bounced Flash, Off Camera Flash (side lights, back lights, you name it).
  • Advice & Guidance:  Advice for the best photos - without making the day only about photos.
  • Top Gear:  They say a good photographer can get good shots with inferior gear.  Perhaps.  But a pro can get outstanding shots with pro gear.
  • Work Ethic:  We have fun, but we're here to work.  Hard.  Your day's only going to happen once.
  • Security:  From the moment we snap a shot, two copies are recorded.  We maintain that redundancy at all times, and keep your photos safe.
  • Digital Delivery:  An online gallery & slideshow (optional password), and a zip file of full-resolution shots to download, within about 4-6 weeks.
  • Prints & Keepsakes:  We offer extensive printing services online with our friends at Smugmug & White House Custom Colour Labs.

About Us

Alex is a crack shot photojournalist, Patty's artistry will tell your story in ways you won't believe!

About us personally, we married in '07.  Alex began photography at about age 6 (after school program), and co-founded a newborn photography business in 2002 until 2012.  Patty independently discovered her own love of photography in 2009 and has since had numerous publications, book covers, awards etc.  You can see her fine art featured here on Yahoo's Flickr blog.

And we're generally some awesome people to have around. Just ask our Moms.

What areas do we service?

We shoot most of our weddings in Toronto and the GTA.  And we love Guelph!  (Patty attended U of G).  We ourselves are based in beautiful Caledon Ontario, and we're happy to drive anywhere in Southern Ontario to shoot your wedding.  If you're located outside of Southern Ontario, talk to us anyway - what kind of photographers would we be if we didn't love travel?  We are particularly happy shooting warm destinations in the winter months so don't hesitate to ask about destination weddings.

Why do an Engagement Shoot?

Glad you asked!  Aside from capturing the glow of your engagement with some killer shots you can use for invitations etc., there are some lesser known benefits to this shoot.  One is it builds our chemistry, which ultimately results in even better wedding photos.

For those who are camera shy, you won't be by the time we're done.  It's about being yourself and having fun!  But whether shy or bold it's also a chance to "get your model on" before the big day.  Wear what you want, do what you want, be as creative as you want.  What's not to love?

What's a (Bridal) Fashion Shoot?

A fashion shoot is an extra opportunity for the bride to capture "The Dress" with more creative control than can happen on your wedding day.  If you're planning a trial-run of makeup and hair, theoretically it's the perfect day to add a fashion shoot.  On the other hand, a fashion shoot after the day means you can get a little crazy with the dress - if you want!  While this shoot doesn't have to "Trash the Dress", you can do that too.

What about delivering the goods?

We'll deliver your completed shots within 24 hours or your next wedding's free!  Ok little joke there.  We'll provide you with full resolution digital copies of all of your images as soon as we've sent them through post production (touch ups).  There isn't a fixed time or quantity of images (it's entirely quality based), but a generic estimate would be around 500+ awesome images for a full day event, delivered digitally in 4-6 weeks.  We offer extensive printing services onilne with our friends at Smugmug & White House Custom Colour Labs.  Ask us about wedding albums.

Your photos will be a spectacular documentation of your day and you'll love them.

To Hire Us...

Contact us by clicking here.  We'll arrange to talk or meet in person (depending on location), after which, if you decide to hire us, you can secure your date with a deposit.

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